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The Eniswood Homeowners Association unites with the entire community in using continual quality improvement to provide all residents with varied opportunities for activities and projects necessary to keep our community progressive, beautiful, well informed and neighborly.
Crime Watch


Eniswood is part of Neighborhood Watch. This is the fastest growing crime prevention program in the United States. Promoted by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Neighborhood Watch focuses on the concept of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”. Every neighbor is considered a Member of our community’s Neighborhood Watch.

Eniswood’s Chairperson: Tyson Conrad

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office provides several free services and programs under the Neighborhood Watch program:

Sheriff’s Watch Information System: This system provides fast and efficient communication with the citizens of Pinellas County for localized emergencies, crime information, lost children alerts, and Neighborhood Watch notifications.
Combat Auto Theft Program: “Combat Auto Theft” (C.A.T) is an auto theft deterrence program. Participants of the program sign a consent form allowing law enforcement to stop their vehicle if it is being driven between 1am and 5am. The program is voluntary and free. Vehicles are identified be a special decal in the rear window.
Residential Security Surveys: This is a free service provided by your Crime Prevention Practitioner to point out the weakest points of entry to your home. Your practitioner will assess your lighting, locks, and landscaping and will make recommendations on how to better secure your residence.
Operation Identification: “Operation Identification” is a nationwide program designed to aid in the return of recovered stolen property. Individuals are urged to engrave their property with an electric engraver using their drivers license or Florida ID as a means of identification. You are urged to photograph or video tape property that cannot be engraved and document the serial numbers on a for provided by your practitioner.
Special Needs Registration: This program is designed to assist emergency personnel in providing special assistance to certain individuals in the event of an emergency evacuation.
Vial if Life Program: The “Vial of Life” Program is a medicine vile which contains important medical information about you and your family. This information will be used in the event that you are unable to communicate with emergency personnel
Vacation House Checks: Notify the Communications Section at 582-6177 several days prior to leaving for vacation and our Deputies will check on your home while you are gone.

Being a member of the Crime Watch committee does not take much of your time, and provides a great benefit to this neighborhood. If you can help in any way, contact Luis Cid at (727) 784-2132.

Some Useful Telephone Numbers
County Sheriff's Office 582-6200
Emergency 911 (Crime in progress, threat to human life, medical emergency or fire)
Crimes not in progress, Suspicious activity, (late reporting), or to request a Deputy to take a report 582-6177.

Documentation of activity or crime in our neighborhood is important. If not reported and documented the Sheriff's Office won't know about it and can't track these activities. Reporting criminal activity can take time and can interrupt a busy schedule but it is important so we can all help to keep our area safe.

Deputy Rick Stemboroski
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Special Operations Division / Crime Prevention Unit
727 582-6960

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Website